Ballston BID

Ballston Business Improvement Disctrict (BBID), a community in Arlington close to Washington D.C, wanted to promote the city of Ballston and its businesses to specifically drive consumer traffic to the area's vibrant restaurants and shops. The result was an iOS and Android-based mobile application with an overview of local business, digital tour guides and visitor suggestions from the locals. Ballston BID now serves as the digital gateway for all residents, employees and visitors in Ballston. 

Project Description

The Ballston Business Improvement District is a 25-block neighborhood of commercial and residential properties in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. The BID exists to make Ballston the preeminent district in Arlington for business, culture, and entertainment. To make Ballston an attractive city to visit and to offer suggestions for getting around the city, a digital application was seen as a timely move. Travelers to Ballston currently have the right tool to explore the city's diversity with a mobile leisure travel guide, offering the local commerce a powerful tool to stand out and for locals to show their city from its best side. The application features personalized guides, targeted information and other indispensable service offerings. 

The BBID was so pleased with the project that Norse Digital and BBID currently work closely through a longterm development agreement. In close collaboration, the agreement enables us to continuously improve user experience, feature additional functionality to ensure a timely designed application that corresponds to their visitors expectations. The BBID has requested additional functionality, including user polls and "digital ambassadors", or virtual statues that work with the app via geo-fencing, to provide an immersive, interactive experience for Ballston visitors and residents. 

Norse Digital has been involved as a concept development partner, delivered mobile development, design and project management. 

Project Information

Project type: Mobile, Web
Link to website:
Our role: Information architecture, UI/UX design, Concept, Development, Web Based Administrative Panel, Project Management
Technology: iOS and Android