"Euronics wanted to renew their visual expression, increase presence and sales in digital channels"
Euronics LTD is Europe's largest purchase group of consumer electronics. They are represented in 30 countries and offer a wide range of consumer electronic products such as televisions, computers, sound and other essential accessories for electronic goods. When Euronics contacted Norse Digital, the main goal was to ensure a more streamlined process for handling orders and improve the collaboration between sales in digital media and the local Euronics retailers. 

Project description

Euronics wanted to increase their presence and sales in digital channels without creating infliction with their local merchants. The objective was to create an excellent client experience and improved internal order management.
The first step of creating a professional Omnichannel experience was to implement a tailored ECM solution based on eZ-publish "open source" technology and framework. With an efficient ECM solution, Euronics are able to manage all tasks from handling product descriptions in the eCommerce solution to ensuring right payment methods for clients in the same system. To ensure that their eCommerce solution always displays right inventory, orders are registered in the solution and seamlessly updated in their ERP-system simultaneously. Clients are able to connect with a secure profile to get full overview of their order history and can track their local Euronics store's inventory if they want to place their order in-store. Giving the customer the opportunity to buy their products regardless of purchase channel creates a higher convenience, one of the fundaments for a true Omnichannel experience. 

To ensure a competitive position, the collaboration with CNET, a website that delivers pricing and product information in the electronics market, has been essential for Euronics' eCommerce platform. To ensure timely and optimized websites, Euronics work closely with Norse Digital through a long-term collaboration contract. In close collaboration, the agreement enables us to continuously improve Euronics websites to reflect global market standards. Throughout the collaboration, Euronics have been through several updates to correspond to their customers expectations. 

Our eCommerce solution has developed into an important resource for us and provides our local merchants with a powerful tool to show our clients their extensive product range. Some stores even use it for training our sales personnel!



User friendly websites with excellent digital customer experiences in focus. The solution has improved order processing internally and reduced the need for manual paper work significantly. Today, Euronics have an efficient ECM system integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, allowing full acccess to realtime data about internal and external inventory status, campaign management, tracking and delivery status. From a clients perspective, the new eCommerce solution and Omnichannel initiative positions Euronics as a competitive provider with the same local foundation as they have built their global systems around. 

Project info

Type project: Mobile, Web, eCommerce
Link to solution:
Our role: Technical implementation
Partners: Mobiento, Mcash
Technology: eZ Publish