"when you want to think about anything else than getting to the airport on time" 
Flytoget, the Airport Express train in Oslo, wanted their websites to reflect the same impression as their slogan. They wanted a website that effortlessly gives travelers the information they need, regardless of situation and digital unit. Their websites are frequently visited by travelers on the go and it was evident that the site needed to be centered around their travel planner and FAQs to make Flytoget the obvious choice for travels to Oslo Airport. The result was an appealing responsive website that better reflect Flytogets cool brand and that facilitates the search for right train so that visitors don't need to worry about missing their flight. 

Project description

In 2014, Flytoget had more than 6,8 million passengers, a real-time train schedule accuracy of 97 percent and a customer satisfaction rate of 97,4 percent. To ensure, and hopefully augment their customer satisfaction, enhance user experience and deliver quality to customers on the go in all digital platforms, sounded like a real challenge to us. 
Together with Flytoget we grasped the challenge! We started the collaboration with a workshop to create a plan on how to create outstanding website flow, improve user experience and better benefit from their train accuracy. One would expect that most passengers visited from mobile entities, however, Flytogets past website was not responsive, so implementing responsive sites was the first crucial step. To create effortless navigation, good functionality and to hand over a powerful tool to build Flytogets identity, we started our own travel in the mind of Flytogets passengers. We wanted to see the website from the travelers perspective to ensure that they were left with a perception that corresponds to Flytogets own trips to OSL; simple, convenient and, of course, with a dash of style. 

To create a functional platform for passengers, our own travel started by setting up the current sitemap and re-evaluate the customers journey throughout the website. With excellent flow and logical categorizing in mind, the website was given a new style where excessive text was removed and the core of the website moved to focus on travel planning and outstanding customer service. We wanted to facilitate for people on the move looking for right train for their flight, and the travel planner and easy- access to customer service was the obvious key drivers on their websites. Flytoget needed a website that functions in all situation, particularly when you are on the move, thus responsive websites was a given. 
The new website project was kicked-off in mid-April 2015. From day one, goals and guidelines were drawn out, we all agreed on the new directions the website needed to take and to deliver in a short time, we set ourselves challenging goals. Over 80% of Norwegians use smartphones and most visitors use Flytogets websites on mobile, thus priority number one was to get Flytogets websites over in responsive format. On short deadlines, we took the project through concept phase, design, implementation and integration towards Flytogets external systems to collect real-time information. 
Flytogets real-time information system is a highly sophisticated system that tracks all of Flytogets trains and delivers 100% accuracy on travel destinations. To integrate large complex systems such as the real-time system demands competent project implementation skills, however, once integrated the offerings for travelers are highly pin-pointed. The implementation was successful and their current websites displays a realistic and accurate travel planner which is an important tool for building furthermore satisfaction amongst their passengers. 
Already in june, the project was acknowledged as a success and websites were running with new design, user-friendly and accurate information - exactly how travelers like it, when they need it. For Norse Digital, a successful website implementation doesn't mean our work is done. In our eyes, this is when the real journey starts. Our goal is to ensure that customers' conversion rate and customer satisfaction increases over time and together with a long-term development agreement, tweaking their websites and implementing new best-practice features is an important part of our collaboration going forward. 


The result of our journey together with Flytoget is a website with great accessibility for people on the move. The webside is turned into a real delight for passengers with good functionality, timely design and real-time integrated into their travel planner. This provides passengers with an over-the-top accuracy that boosts Flytogets identity of being a trustworthy provider of safe travels - before the travel starts. Timelines were short, but the project was delivered on time. A great example that good collaboration and excellent project management gives world class results for both parts. 

Project information

Type of project: Web, Mobile
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Our role: Concept, UX/UI Design, Development, Implementation, Management 
Technology: eZ publish