Missouri State University - VESTA Program

The Viticulture Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded partnership between the Missouri State University system and colleges, universities, vineyards and wineries across America. These partners share a 21st Century vision for education in grape growing and winemaking. Their educational program VESTA combines online instructions with hands on experience under the guidance of experienced mentors at vineyards close to their students location.

Project Description

Missouri State University contracted Norse Digital to create an informational website to educate current and prospective students, industry members, government representatives and others about the VESTA program. Their educational program combines online instructions with hands on experience and a solid digital platform with educational content was, therefore, essential. In addition, a website portal for students registered in the VESTA program and for VESTA management team members needed to be established to facilitate off-campus communications and learning.
My Account
To create a hands-on student platform, an integrated website portal for students and the management team was implemented. The module enables students to create their own account and manage their own student profiles. To serve as a sophisticated learning platform, students are able to complete required student forms, sign up for courses and store private notes for all of their assigned courses. Another essential functionality VESTA wanted to improve was internal networking. The VESTA program is nation wide, and through the platform, students are now able to network with other program students across the nation as part of building a community of engaged students. 
For the management team, members can submit event calendar items, keep their students updated with the latest news relevant to the VESTA program, submit required quarterly reports as well as suggest additional sites for inclusion in the website's Business Development Database and Practicum Sites Database. 
Through the VESTA learning platform, students and management team members can seamlessly communicate and students learning engagement rate has increased significantly. 

Project Information

Project type: Mobile, Web
Link to solution: http://www.vesta-usa.org
Our role: Information Architecture, UX/UI Design, Development, Project Management
Technology: eZ Publish