Oslo Stock Exchange

Oslo Stock Exchange, Norway’s only regulated market for trading securities, needed a solid partner for stabile and safe website hosting. Norse Digital’s unique knowledge of eZ-publish CMS technology was a deciding factor for Oslo Stock Exchanges’ partnership with a provider for oslobors.no aiming at highest possible uptime. Since 2008, Norse Digital has been a proven provider of daily development, support and maintenance services for the the only independent stock exchange in Scandinavia’s websites and intranet.

Project description

The Stock Exchange is inevitably dependent on handling a large content base and high website traffic, and with the aforementioned in mind, we started the collaboration with a comprehensive workshop. To build a solid platform that could handle high exchange and content management, we needed to go through internal architecture, content strategy, come up with and implement best-practice solutions. 

To maintain a professional profile and have a timely website with high uptime Oslo Stock Exchange work closely with Norse Digital though a continuous development plan. Oslo Stock Exchanges’ websites have gone through several upgrades and new functionalities have been added during the collaboration. To get a tailored platform for users, a “my page” function has been developed and newsletter management has been facilitated, just to mention some functionalities. The essence in the collaboration is an advanced and tailored platform that ensures preeminent uptime rate and stability. 

the collaboration with Oslo Stock Exchange started in 2008, when Norse Digital together with eZ-systems was set to replace a complicated and costly web architecture. By implementing an efficient infrastructure based on open sourcing, Oslo Stock Exchange currently have a cost efficient solution all along with a user friendly platform scaled for future growth

Morten Isebakke Lyse, Oslo Stock Exchange

The current solution is essential in Oslo Stock Exchanges information systems and is integrated with several internal systems for content management. The website is responsive, making the content adapted and available regardless of digital platform.


With Norse Digital, Oslo Stock Exchange have a partner with solid knowledge and experience with regards to CMS and expertise with eZ-publish solutions. To keep preeminent uptime rate and timely websites, Norse Digital have a operative team available when needed. 

Project information

Project type: Web, Mobile, CMS
Link to solution: http://www.oslobors.no
Our role: System architecture, UI/UX Design, development, hosting and application management
Partner: OMS
Technology: eZ Publish, eZ Find, Solr