Parking In Oslo

Are you tired of spending valuable time trying to find public parking in Oslo? With "Parking in Oslo", you will get a quick overview of all available public parking lots in the city and pay for parking directly through the app! 

Project Description

The Oslo Municipality Environment Department (Bymiljøetaten) are responsible for planning, development, management and operation of municipal urban areas of Oslo. Their goal is to sustain Oslo as a safe, beautiful, sporty and environmentally friendly city. Norse Digital work closely with Bymiljøetaten and have anticipated in several projects to create engagement among the citizens. The "Parking in Oslo" app is a utility app that come in handy when you're on the road and need to find a free parking space. 

In collaboration with Oslo municipality - Bymiljøetaten, Norse Digital developed a mobile app that helps residents and visitors in Oslo to find public parking. The app displays availability for all types of parking spaces - cars, motorcycles and handicap vehicles. The app also allows for mobile payment through the app. 
To increase the practicality of the app, we added rules for each parking lot with clear illustrations and explanations to ensure drivers that the parking is done in a correct manner. If you still missed the right parking lot and your vehicle is no longer where you parked it, you can quickly check the Towing Register through the app to see if your vehicle has been towed. To get your vehicle back, you will also get all information on where the car is located and what you need to reclaim it. If your parking ticket was wrongly issued, there are reporting possibilities directly in the app. 

Project Information

Project Type: Mobile, Web
Our role: Concept, Information Architecture, UX/UI Design, Development & implementation, Project Management 
Technology: iOS and Android