Stokke, a global manufacturer of children's accessories and renowned for its tripp-trapp chair, wanted a new website that better represented their brand. They wanted a site that enables them to reach out, communicate closely and sell more products to their customers. To increase customer satisfaction, Stokke wanted a fully integrated eCommerce solution with the capability to expand to all their global markets. The goal was to communicate better with their customers and increase sales in digital channels. 

To deliver attractive websites and a fully integrated eCommerce platform for their customers, Stokke went through a digital transformation in close collaboration with Norse Digital and Demandware. The aim was to implement a timely designed website that corresponded to their global reach and that provided visitors with tailored information and an adapted eCommerce for their respective markets.

After a thorough needs analysis, we decided to divide the implementation process in different phases to deliver tailored sites and create a good framework for adding additional local sites. Demandware is a best-in-class solution for eCommerce with extensive knowledge that provides customers with a best-practice framework for integrating global eCommerce sites that together serves as an optimized platform for global customers such as Stokke.   

Stokke aims at being the preferred brand for premium global baby products, always with the kids safety in mind. Safety, quality and functionality is the core of our business. Norse Digital have delivered a solid work with implementing our new websites based on the global and stabile solution from Demandware and serves as an important partner for Stokkes digital expansion and implementation of new functionality on our websites.

Christian Øvregaard | Digital Director | Stokke AS

The first phase, we decided to focus on two markets to enable local websites without compromising on all possibilities provided in the Demandware solution. To ensure quick implementation, integrate an appropriate roll-out framework and challenge ourselves to provide a world-class solution, we set short deadlines. We wanted to create a tailored solution to increase user-friendliness for customers and improved internal management routines and aimed, therefore, to automate most underlying systems such as ERP, CRM and PIM, with a global payment solution top of mind. 
Stokke is an eminent brand thus the brand impression of their websites is essential. To improve brand impression, an attractive and timely graphic expression was essential and functionality in all digital platforms a must. Our goal was to implement a website with a design that corresponded to their global reach with their local presence taken into account. 

When the platform was established with the desired functionality in the first two markets, the time was right to roll out to several countries and with additional languages. With support in Demandwares' platform and in collaboration with Norse Digital, Stokke has implemented an efficient methodology to increase their reach in new markets and their websites are now available in a various countries all over the world. 
To ensure optimal websites with good user experiences and continuously deliver on Stokkes expectations of a global solution fitted to local markets, Stokke and Norse Digital work closely through a longterm development agreement. In close collaboration, the agreement enables us to continuously improve Stokkes websites to respond to global retail market standard and ensure a timely designed website. Demandware enables new best-practice functionalities in their platform and ongoing project evaluations between Stokke, Demandware and Norse Digital is, therefore, fundamental in our collaboration. These evaluations helps us ensure that new, essential functionality is implemented and that their websites are corresponding to their customers expectations.


The result of our digital transformation was new attractive websites that serves as a powerful tool for Stokke to increase their brand awareness, communicate closer with their customers and efficiently reach new markets. A solid increase in Stokkes digital retail sales shows that appropriate measures was taken regarding their new digital brand impression and new websites with focus on their eCommerce solution. The websites was implemented in the set timeline with the set estimates.  

Project Information

Project Type: Web, mobile, eCommerce
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Our role: Development & Implementation, project management
Partners: Anti (design)
Technology: Demandware