Volkswagen parkit!

Volkswagen, one of the worlds leading car manufacturers, wanted to reach out and build awareness around their cars to professional drivers. In order to engage professional drivers, we developed a game app together with Try/Apt that corresponded to a situation we all know well, through parking! The result was an app that was used over 250.000 times during the campaign period with an average of 5.760 unique players per day. 


We all know how much time and energy it takes to find a free parking space, and parking is probably one of the biggest headache for professional drivers. We wanted to create a fun experience related to finding a parking space and test how efficient professional drivers could be. The result was a multiplayer car game created on the same principles as the missing chair game; find a free parking space as soon as the music stops - Or you're out of the game!

Development phase

Volkswagen ParkIT was developed for all iOS-units, Android-units and a version for web. All gamers, regardless of platform, could meet and play against each others in the Park-IT world. The Unity3d platform provided us the flexibility to develop cross-platform solutions which was essential for developing a good user experience across all platforms.  
To enhance workflow between designers and developers, a game-design document was created. This document provided all parties with a thorough description of all game mechanics and structure throughout the entire user experience. Managing complex digital project is by nature difficult, however, this document provided us with a good base to prioritize mechanics, the ability to prototype the essence of the game and get feedback from test users early in the development phase. 

The unity3d platform enables designers and developers to work closely and seamlessly together and alongside with prototyping, our visual team were able to develop the visual feel of the application. The vans were 3D-modeled, the building and cities were created and all the different challenges the gamers would meet throughout the game was implemented. By working in the same platform with different tasks, the designers can drag and drop their elements at the same time as the game foundation is developed by the developer team. This facilitates collaboration and continuous user feedback while decreasing development time and cost.   


  • During the campaign, over 250.000 games was played
  • On average 5.760 unique players per day, and a weekly average of 40.230 unique players
  • Each gamer played approximately 10 minutes 
  • The application was downloaded over 67.000 times
  • ParkIT reached #1 game in App Store

Project info

Type of project: Game, Mobile, Web
Our role: Design, 3d, animation, game development
Partner: Try/Apt
Technology: Unity3d, iOS, Android, web
Prices: Gulltaggen awards, Mobile of the day: TheFWA